Sunday, April 28, 2013

Workers leave jobs because of relationship with boss

A BAD boss - rather than a dislike for the job - is the main reason people quit, a new book says.
Workplace management expert Tony Wilson said bosses should look at themselves when staff resign, rather than blaming factors such as salary and workplace environment.

He pointed to a survey by global research organisation Gallup that found the calibre of the boss was the primary reason people stayed - but also the main reason people left.

He said research from Indiana University also found that a worker's relationship with their boss was nearly as important as their relationship with their spouse.

Wilson, who wrote Jack and the Team that Couldn't See, claims most managers spend too much time on operations, systems, strategy, products and services rather than people.

"While these are important pieces in the performance puzzle, they spend relatively little time developing their people - their greatest competitive advantage,"he said.

Mr Wilson said among the important areas bosses need to concentrate on were providing clarity on their expectations of staff, constant feedback and open and honest communication.

Social intelligence was also important to learn how to properly relate to staff.

"Every day this aspect of leadership becomes more crucial, yet time and time again I see managers who cannot relate to their staff or whose irregular moods bring everyone down," he said.

"A manager must develop trust and respect through their treatment of people."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mother's Day

To Make her Feel Special

Mothers do just about everything for their families. Right from cooking, cleaning to inculcating good values to her children, mothers do all that is required to impart warmth and comfort to their loved ones. They take care of nourishing both the body and the soul.

A mom does all the hard work willingly and what’s more, she does them without pay. In many homes, the mother gets the day off on Mother’s Day and the husband and kids do all the household chores. This is one way people can show moms that they know what she is doing, and love her for it. By giving back, you not only give mom a helping hand but you also show respect for her. It is a wonderful way to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the selfless love she bestows on us.

To Show Appreciation

Mothers become nurses when any family member gets sick. They are there to offer advice, be it on relationships, trouble at school or work. For working moms, they also have to balance their career with the chores at home. One more reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day is to show her how much we appreciate all the work she is putting in for the sake of the family.

Spending Quality Time Together

Mother’s Day is also family day. Too often, children are preoccupied with school and playmates and the husband is usually preoccupied with work. This day allows everyone to just spend time together. It is a good chance to bond with the other members of the family. We could bake cakes, watch  movies or go to the park. Everyone could get together and share a meal. No matter how you spend the day, it usually means the same thing – spending quality time with each other. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, this is something that is no longer experienced often. You can take advantage of this day to just be with the family, with the emphasis on making it special for mom.

Mom Needs to Have Fun Too

Another reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day is so that our mothers get some much deserved time to relax. On Mother’s Day they can just go shopping with friends or go to a spa. The family can take her  to the movies or go for dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Daddy and the kids can plan and buy mom a nice present or if she’s into sports, take her to a ballgame. Of course, you do not have to go out to make this day memorable. If she prefers, mom can just spend the whole day in bed, watching TV or reading her favorite novels. This is her day, so she can spend it in any manner she likes.

A Time to Display Affection

People celebrate this day to show their affection. As anyone with a mom will tell you, one never ceases to be a mother. It doesn’t matter if her offspring is 3 years old or 30. The love and affection they show will never change. On this day, children and husbands can show her they feel the same way.
There are many reasons why we celebrate Mother’s Day. But the essence of the day is  to show love and admiration for mothers everywhere.
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