Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 10 Healthy Foods

1. Yes to Yogurt

For a thicker, creamier texture, choose low-fat, unsweetened Greek yogurt. Loaded with protein, calcium, and natural probiotics, it makes for a tasty snack any time. Enjoy it with fresh or dried fruit, blend it into smoothies, or add a delicious dollop onto a baked sweet potato.

Budget-friendly Tip: Buy larger containers for even more savings.

2. Bonkers for Bananas

If you crave a sweet, creamy snack, this potassium-packed fruit is the perfect choice! Full of fiber and B6, bananas are the perfect addition to whole grain cereals and yogurt.

Budget-friendly Tip: Store bananas at room temperature away from heat and sunlight. And did you know bananas last longer when you separate them from each other in the fruit bowl?

3. Health Gains with Whole Grain Pasta

Full of fiber, whole grain pasta has a nutty, chewy texture that quickly fills you up--this means fewer bites, good news for your waistline. More magnesium and zinc make it a healthier choice than white pasta. Enjoy it hot or cold with sautéed greens and garlic.

Budget-friendly Tip: Look for "100% whole grain" on the package when choosing your favorite brand. If you make more than you can eat in one sitting, no need to waste: cooked pasta without sauce can be frozen for up to three months. 

4. Quinoa: The Supergrain

This ancient grain packs a protein punch, containing all nine essential amino acids--a perfect vegan option. Loaded with iron, magnesium, manganese, tryptophan, copper, and phosphorous, quinoa is a nutritious gem! Start your day with a warming bowl of cooked quinoa mixed with dried cranberries and walnuts, or add some beans and greens for a simple, healthy lunch.

Budget-friendly Tip: Buy quinoa in bulk to get more bang for your buck!

5. Nuts About Almonds!

Nuts can be budget friendly, especially if you purchase them in bulk. Chock full of the antioxidant vitamin E, protein, and heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat, almonds have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol. Enjoy a handful as a crunchy snack or toss into your favorite salad.

Budget-friendly Tip: Store nuts in the freezer to prevent rancidity and extend shelf life. Nuts in their shell are also more cost-effective.

6. Eggtastic!

This incredible, edible food can be enjoyed at any meal. New studies reveal that egg yolks are 64% higher in vitamin D and 14% lower in cholesterol than previously thought. An excellent protein source, it also contains lutein. This naturally occurring carotenoid protects the eye from oxidative stress. Enjoy eggs as a breakfast scramble or mix with your favorite veggies for a fun frittata.

Budget-friendly Tip: Store eggs in their carton to prevent them from absorbing surrounding odors. Hard boil a few extra for an inexpensive satisfying grab-and-go snack.

7. Outstanding Oats

A heart-healthy breakfast choice, oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol with its high beta-glucan fiber content. Oats are also rich in selenium, manganese, and B1. Sprinkle some berries and flaxseed powder into your next morning bowl.

Budget-friendly Tip: Purchase oats in larger containers instead of individual packets to save more. Leave the packaged oats that contain salt and sugar on the store shelf.

8. Bountiful Beans

Whether you pine for pinto beans or chirp for chickpeas, beans are an affordable, healthy food. Full of protein, fiber, and low in fat, they can be enjoyed pureed, steeped in soups, or tossed in salads.

Budget-friendly Tip: Dried beans in bulk will save you more than the canned variety, but both are pocket-friendly. Always look for low sodium on the front panel when buying canned beans. 

9. Broccoli by the Bowlful

Bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, broccoli is a low-calorie cruciferous rock star! One cup of steamed broccoli provides you with about 25% of the daily folate value and 45% of vitamin A. Steam, roast, or quickly sauté these green crucifers for a crunchy, heart-healthy side dish.

Budget-friendly Tip: Keep and cook the flavorful stalks to get more for your money. Too tough? Try dicing into a smaller size or simmer in soup.

10. Scrumptious Sweet Potatoes

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy this versatile vegetable! Bake or roast this fiber-packed tuber and get a delicious dose of antioxidant beta-carotene and vitamin C!

Budget-friendly Tip: Do not refrigerate sweet potatoes. They last longer if you store them in a cool, dry area for up to 7 days.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talk About It Later

This little phrase helps most of the guys end an argument or potential squabble. In most cases, they really don't want to actually "talk about it later." They never want to talk about it. Putting off the possibility of a blow up gives them some time to emphasize the uselessness of arguing over something so minute. Although it's a potent tool in a man's arsenal, they need to make sure not to use it too often, or else the underlying motives will become apparent.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


FitLine Activize Oxyplus supplies exactly those active substances which our body needs to produce energy. Activize also supports the body in providing the body cells with additional (vital substances) vitamins.

  • supports energy gain from food
    (carbohydrate combustion)
  • supplies the body with all B-vitamins for concentration and achievement levels
  • contains maritime algae powder (brown algae)
  • NTC: the target nutrient absorption is as high as possible
  • stimulates, invigorates, refreshes
  • patented twice


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Create options

But employers are beginning to create options to help employees. "A happy spouse makes a happy and productive employee," stresses Balan K, an HR advisor. In keeping with the larger objective of more productivity, Accenture has created flexi-curity - a job that comes with flexibility and security. This would include a provision to work from home, going to office on alternate days, granting adequate time to settle family and health issues and even giving time-out for adoption issues, says Accenture's Pawar.

An IBM employee who requested anonymity said he recently encountered a serious family crisis, wherein he had to spend quality time at home to work out a solution. "My HR realized the gravity of the situation and granted me a flexi working option. So even as I took my wife out for a vacation, I stayed connected to the office and worked. The beauty is that she didn't even realize that I was killing two birds with one stone as I multitasked and sent mails to clients," he said.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Are Family

This event marks the inaugural family day for Pantai Putri and also launches its new philosophy 'We Are Family'. The Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad, Tan Sri Dato Muhamed Khatib bin Abdul Hamid lauched and unveiled the 'We Are Family' logo.

CEO of Pantai Putri, Dr. Dilshaad Ali explains that the philosophy of inculcating strong family values in our service will be the main drive of this paradigm shift that we hope to achieve once the campaign is fully implemented. It begins with the staff embracing the idea and living the ideals in their day to day dealings at their workplace, this will eventually translate into a culture at the hospital, transcending into our interactions with our patients and their loved ones.

'We Are Family' was adopted as the way forward for Hospital Pantai Putri realising the strong interpersonal relationship that becomes the hallmark of Ipoh's traditional values, binding communities together. The uniqueness of the strong family values amongst the people of this city is something we want to emulate when we take care of them at Hospital Pantai Putri. We beleive these values can have a strong influence on the healing process. An important element in realizing this concept revolves around the 'Boundary-less' approach of work which reduces red-tape and also deems to provide a seamless, continuous, patient centric mode of service in the hospital.

Hospital Pantai Putri also adopted 56 children from Rumah Anak-anak Yayasan Amanah An-Nur Maisarah in Chemor and Precious Gift Home in Ipoh as our first commitment towards the new philosophy and our continuous Corporate Social Responsibility programme


Swiss National Flower


Edelweiss, National flower of Switzerland

Edelweiss enjoys the status of being the Swiss national flower, though unofficial. Edelweiss flowers are woolly with white hairs, with characteristic bloom consisting of five to six small yellow flower heads surrounded by leaflets in the form of a star. Scientific Name of Edelweiss is which means "lion's paw". Edelweiss is generally found in high altitudes. Edelweiss Air, an international airline based in Switzerland, is named after the flower.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amsterdam cycling city

The Netherlands is cycling country. Bikes are also extremely popular in Amsterdam. There isn’t a city in the world where people cycle as much. About forty percent of all movements from one location to the next take place on a bicycle in Amsterdam! This makes sense, as there is no other method of transportation that allows you to travel through the city with so much ease.

Foreign tourists may find it hard to believe, but for the true Amsterdam resident, cycling is the most logical method to travel from A to B. The 17th century city centre isn’t really suitable for cars. 

The small streets and canals are most equipped for pedestrians, and cyclists. And if you add up all the cycling paths - with a total length of 400 kilometres - it's obvious that Amsterdam is a real cycling city.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is Dim Sum?

Dim sum is an integral part of Chinese cuisine, closely associated with the tradition of yum cha, or taking tea. Dim sum means "small heart", suggestive of a small snack that touches the heart. Dim sum can be found all over China and in many parts of the West, where dim sum is a popular meal. Dim sum is usually served in the late morning through the early afternoon, although some dim sum establishments are open later. It is a meal that should be lingered over, in multiple courses that traditionally have a set order.

Dim sum is an umbrella category for small Chinese dishes. Typical examples of dim sum are small dumplings, wrapped foods such as won tons and egg rolls, and other more exotic foods. In general, individual portions of dim sum are small, so that numerous dishes can be ordered and sampled by the table. Most dim sum falls under the category of a savory pastry, although these foods can be prepared in a variety of ways. Dim sum can be steamed, fried, boiled, baked, or broiled, and this wide range of options makes for a lively and varied meal.


Visit my food blog, Scrumptious for Dim Sum..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There are three key factors when thinking about how to recycle – The 3 R’s:

Recycling Different Materials

You can find out how to recycle different materials such as Glass, Batteries and Mobile Phones by simply using our list on the right hand side.

Recycling Etiquette

Recycling can sometimes be confusing and it can be difficult to know whether you are following all the right rules. Improve your recycling efforts by learning some recycling etiquette rules and check out which type of collection is best and why different areas recycle and collect in different ways.

What’s in your Rubbish Bin?

A large percentage of UK household’s still do not recycle enough and throw everything that they consider ‘rubbish’ into their ordinary bin.
Much of this waste can be recycled and should be disposed of separately to general household waste. Look inside this rubbish bin to see how much of the contents should actually have been recycled. Check our list on the right to see how to recycle different materials.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here's where I will be soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The truth about dating, love and just being friends

I thought this book would be interesting so I request for it but it took three and a half months to reach me..Anyway, thanks to BookSneeze. I would browse through and then pass it to my sister who is still single.


Trade Paper
Chad Eastham, with his typical wit and wisdom for teens, brings much sought after advice on girls’ favorite topics including dating, love, friendship, and other important stuff.
Chad shines some much-needed light on these major issues for teens. Rather than let their feelings navigate them blindly through their tumultuous adolescence, Chad offers clarity, some surprising revelations, and answers to some of their biggest questions: How do I know who to date?  When should I start dating? How should I start dating? Is this really love? And, Why do guys I like just want to be friends?
Packed with humor that adds to the sound advice, this book will help teens make better decisions, have healthier relationships, and be more prepared for their futures. Just a few things girls will learn include: Five things you need to know about love; Eight dumb dating things even smart people do; Ten reasons why teens are unhappy; and Ten things happy teens do.
Any teen can live a happier, healthier life: they just need to hear The Truth.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to make your mum happy

Take your mum for a holiday! She would definitely love it.

All mums love to be pampered. So make your effort to show your care for them.

They don't need to be showered with gifts. Just be there for them. As they get older, they want more companionship. So spend as much time as you can to shower them with love and care..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cook Porridge with a rice cooker

Do you know we can cook porridge with a rice cooker?

This morning, I tried cooking it with my Panasonic rice cooker.

Just a cup of rice with the level of water at 5.

When it's cooked, it looked great!

Packed for my husband who loves porridge..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playground activity vs kids' self-esteem

The relationship between playground activity and the promotion of children’s self-esteem.

There is a general consensus that physical activity reduces the risk of psychological problems in children and fosters their self-esteem.

This consensus is reflected in the Chief Medical Officer’s report (Department of Health, 2004), which stated that a review of available research suggests that the health benefits of physical activity in children are predominantly seen in the amelioration of risk factors for disease, avoidance of weight gain, achieving a peak bone mass and mental well-being.

How might playgrounds reduce the risk of psychological problems in children and promote self-esteem?

Evidence suggests that children who participate in physical activity improve their self-esteem. Indeed, Ekeland, Heian and Hagan (2005) and Gruber (as cited in Biddle and Mutrie, 2001, p186) found that exercise programmes had a significant positive effect on children's self-esteem.

The playground at the Ipoh Polo Ground

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