Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Are Family

This event marks the inaugural family day for Pantai Putri and also launches its new philosophy 'We Are Family'. The Chairman of Pantai Holdings Berhad, Tan Sri Dato Muhamed Khatib bin Abdul Hamid lauched and unveiled the 'We Are Family' logo.

CEO of Pantai Putri, Dr. Dilshaad Ali explains that the philosophy of inculcating strong family values in our service will be the main drive of this paradigm shift that we hope to achieve once the campaign is fully implemented. It begins with the staff embracing the idea and living the ideals in their day to day dealings at their workplace, this will eventually translate into a culture at the hospital, transcending into our interactions with our patients and their loved ones.

'We Are Family' was adopted as the way forward for Hospital Pantai Putri realising the strong interpersonal relationship that becomes the hallmark of Ipoh's traditional values, binding communities together. The uniqueness of the strong family values amongst the people of this city is something we want to emulate when we take care of them at Hospital Pantai Putri. We beleive these values can have a strong influence on the healing process. An important element in realizing this concept revolves around the 'Boundary-less' approach of work which reduces red-tape and also deems to provide a seamless, continuous, patient centric mode of service in the hospital.

Hospital Pantai Putri also adopted 56 children from Rumah Anak-anak Yayasan Amanah An-Nur Maisarah in Chemor and Precious Gift Home in Ipoh as our first commitment towards the new philosophy and our continuous Corporate Social Responsibility programme

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