Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Create options

But employers are beginning to create options to help employees. "A happy spouse makes a happy and productive employee," stresses Balan K, an HR advisor. In keeping with the larger objective of more productivity, Accenture has created flexi-curity - a job that comes with flexibility and security. This would include a provision to work from home, going to office on alternate days, granting adequate time to settle family and health issues and even giving time-out for adoption issues, says Accenture's Pawar.

An IBM employee who requested anonymity said he recently encountered a serious family crisis, wherein he had to spend quality time at home to work out a solution. "My HR realized the gravity of the situation and granted me a flexi working option. So even as I took my wife out for a vacation, I stayed connected to the office and worked. The beauty is that she didn't even realize that I was killing two birds with one stone as I multitasked and sent mails to clients," he said.


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