Monday, December 3, 2012

Feng Shui Arrangement for Your Living Room

Basic Guidelines

  1. The living room should be regular in shape.
  2. The living room should be neither too small nor too big. It must have enough room to allow the energy move around.
  3. It should be located in the outer half of the house.
  4. Hang a large family portrait to enhance the importance of the family members.
  5. The living room must not be higher than the dining room.
  6. Do not have a mirror reflecting the main door.
  7. Avoid poison arrows or protruding corners in the living room.
  8. Keep the living room well lit, best achieved with a crystal chandelier.
  9. Do not place furniture under exposed beams.
  10. Do not display pictures of fierce or aggressive animals in the living room.
  11. Enhance the elements of the each corner using element energizers.
  12. Avoid exposed shelves in the living room, as this can send out killing energy.


Small Kucing said...

But nowdays all the houses are very small and duno why the designers like to add in a lot of nooks and corners :(

Rose said...

thanks for the sharing. My living room is pretty simple with not many things in in.

Mr Lonely said...

good guide about feng shui~ XD

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