Saturday, September 18, 2010

At Garden Buffet

This was captured at the Garden Buffet in Sydney.

The most powerful nutritional support is to provide the child with a wide variety of unprocessed food--without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, salt and sugar.
-Dr C. Thompson


Sylvia K said...

Great and colorful reflections for the day! Always amazes me where you can find them once you start looking! Have a wonderful weekend!


jeannette said...

Great colorful, but also mysterious reflection!

Manang Kim said...

It's amazing to find like this in a buffet. Great colors too thanks for sharing!
Orchid reflection

lotusleaf said...

Colourful reflection. I like the quote too.

Jen Cheung said...

totally agree with you :)

have a lovely weekend!!
jen @

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