Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was walking down from the Opera House

The essence of raising children, of having children who daily bring us pleasure rather than pain, is in the art of communication. Children are not objects that we store on shelves in our homes. They are living, breathing, thinking, emoting human beings. If we maintain close communication with them, we will raise their self-esteem and our own. They will not draw off our energy, but instead will add to it.
-J.Canfield n M.V.Hansen


smallkucing said...

pengsannnn......well there are the good days and the bad days.

ChrisAu said...

Nice Wenn. Sometimes kids can be draining but then, the efforts all worth it. I like this sharing!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

What shall I say kids?-it c0uld be satisfying s0metimes but there were times they t0o stressing a bit lol!but I love kids!

Luna Miranda said...

wonderful scene. i have a dog--people with kids say i'm lucky. (hehe)

Manang Kim said...

Love the shot...and I love children too. Sometimes they drained you but I love them more than anybody. Happy Wednesday!
Watery Wednesday

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