Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you left-brained or right-brained?

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      What was your school experience like? People who are left-brained do very well in traditional classrooms. They are good at spelling and grammar and have neat handwriting. They are logical and excel at algebra, though they may struggle with geometry. People who are right-brained often struggle in a traditional classroom setting. They can be easily distracted and are often told they have ADD or are "late bloomers." They are often poor spellers and have sloppy hand-writing. They excel at geometry but struggle with algebra. They excel at the visual arts and usually show talent in drawing and sculpting.
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      How do you feel about working in groups? People who are left-brained enjoy working on group projects, but right-brained people usually prefer working on their own.
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      How do you organize things? Left-brained people tend to make written lists. They will instinctively begin to take notes when attending a lecture. Right-brained people rely on their visual memory and "see" their list in their mind's eye. They are not inclined to taking notes because they feel it would distract them from remembering.
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      How do you feel about new ideas and challenges? Left-brained people can be uncomfortable with change and prefer to stick to routine. They like things that are familiar and predictable. Right-brained people welcome change and will do things like rearranging their furniture frequently.
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      Are you good at following directions? Left-brained people are good at following directions. Right-brained people are not, and often prefer to figure things out for themselves. When assembling a project, left-brained people will read the instruction sheet before starting the assembling. Right-brained people are more likely to take a quick look at the picture on the box, then get out the parts and figure out how they go together.
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      How do you feel about rules? Left-brained people love to make and follow rules. They perform well in management jobs. Right-brained people often dislike rules and prefer activities where they can make up their own guidelines.
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      Are you creative? Left-brained people tend not to be imaginative. Right-brained people are more likely to be highly imaginative and often end up in careers that require creativity.
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      Do you have trouble remembering names? Left-brained people are very good at remembering names, but may have trouble remembering faces. Right-brained people are excellent at remembering faces buy may have trouble with names.
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      Are you hypersensitive to touch or smell? Right-brained people are often bothered by things like tags in clothing, tight shoelaces, coarse-textured fabrics and smells in their environment.


SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Interesting info.

Joe Todd said...

What happens if you "think" from your heart?

ChrisAu said...

I'm a left brain person !

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