Monday, April 4, 2011

Red Luggage

Is there such a word ‘luggages’, or is it just ‘luggage’ even if we have more than one piece of it?

‘Luggage’ is a collective noun that refers to all the stuff you’re carrying with you on your trip. So, be it one bag or a few, it’s all called ‘luggage’.

And yes there is such a word as ‘luggages’, even though it might seem redundant. Imagine that there are two groups of tourists in the hotel lobby waiting for their buses to the airport. You’d presumably have two separate areas where their luggages (that belong to either group) are all ready to be loaded onto the buses.



Luna Miranda said...

you're going somewhere?:p
collective nouns are interesting, especially the quirky ones.:p

Claire said...

i use a red luggage to whenever i travel. easier for me to spot. happy RT!

Liz said...

Nice red luggage.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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3rd Little Pig said...

love the discussion on plural and collective nouns... made me go to my dictionary right away :) Happy RT!!! Here's my entry:

Alice Law said...

LOL, my little ones sound like my luggage too, gonna carry them where ever I go!

foongpc said...

Nice red luggage! Oh thanks for the English lesson! : )

msdewberry said...

It is easier to find your luggage when it is a nice bright colour!

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