Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Facts about soaps

Many different oils, fats and butters are used in the manufacture of soap. These “fats” have different beneficial fatty acids that contribute to the properties of the soap. For example; olive oil contains mainly oleic acid that produces small, mild and creamy bubbles, coconut oil contains nearly 50% lauric acid which makes big, fat, open, fluffy bubbles and sunflower oil contains mainly linoleic acid which produces big, open conditioning bubbles. So the skill of the soapmaker comes into practice with the combining of various oils and fats in the correct proportions that will produce the best lather possible but keep the soap gentle and mild while leaving a nice soothing after-feel on the skin [not the squeaky clean, feeling tight and rough as some soaps do].

Soap removes grease and dirt from the skin because some of its components are surfactants (surface-active agents). Surfactants have a molecular structure that acts as a connecting link between water and the dirt. This loosens the particles of dirt, stale make-up, grease etc. from the skin. One end of the molecule is hydrophilic (attracted to water), and the other is hydrophobic (attracted to substances that are not water soluble).

So, soap is a very effective cleanser, but it is much more! Some ingredients that you see on many popular soaps do not have any beneficial effects for the skin, in fact, they can cause problems such as allergies for many users e.g. perfume - you will see this on most soap ingredients listing. This is a man-made chemical fragrance, simply an aroma that has no therapeutic qualities and can be toxic and irritating for many skin types. In fact, over 70% of women claim to suffer from sensitive skin at some time in their life for various reasons. Therefore the most important thing about our soaps is that they contain NO artificial, chemical fragrances, only aromatherapy quality essential oils that do have beneficial therapeutic properties for the skin. In fact, all essential oils are gently antiseptic in their action and many are corrective for different skin problems, especially when there is an imbalance i.e. overly dry or overly greasy. We use a generous amount of essential oils in all our products that not only smell delicious but have a positive effect for the skin. 

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Small Kucing said...

I went for Method talk n they give me a book which is not promoting their co but it said how mich harmful chemicals we are putting on our body each day. They advise plain old soap is the best to use

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