Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Waste Time on the Wrong People

Don't Waste Time on the Wrong People:
  1. People with bad relationship values
  2. Energy Vampires
  3. Users
Tom Neff, Chairman of Spenser Stuart, US, said:
"If someone calls up here and beats up on my secretary, I don't want anything to do with him."

Ken Langone, President and CEO said:
"I'm very attentive to how people treat people beneath them--it's a good indicator."

An energy vampire is a person who makes you tired every time they walk in the room: They just drain the life and the enthusiasm out of every situation.

Liz Smith says:
"People who are needy are just too hard."

Dealing with energy vampires is unproductive in the extreme.

Users are very good at pretending, especially to themselves. They know how to fake caring, and how to fake interest in you and your needs--and that's why you are drawn in.

Bernie Marcus said:
"You run across people who, when they see that they're dealing with somebody who has a little compassion and emotion about humans and humanistic traits, will try to take advantage of you."

Marty Evans:
"We can't be victims. We do have control. That means we have to make choices about how we spend our time and whom we spend time with."

Ronna Lichtenberg: It's not business. It's personal

Have you wasted time on the wrong people before?


smallkucing said...

yes i have

wenn said...

me too..and it's very frustrating.


I might be energy vampire for now & yes we came across so many users(i like the definition here)

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