Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learning to Learn

Learning is simply experiencing something, reflecting on it, associating it with similar things previously learned, and putting what you have learned into practice. We categorize learning into three domains:


Some things we learn are simply knowledge (cognitive), like understanding how to multiply numbers.

Other things we learn are physically based (psychomotor) skills primarily involving the use of our bodies, like casting a fishing line.

We also learn to experience emotion or feelings (we're affected) under certain conditions, like jealousy.

Of course, all three domains are usually influencing one another as we perform some functions.

As you approach a subject, it is useful to first learn the knowledge needed to think a certain way or to peform some action;

next, practice the desired thinking or action;

and then assess how you feel about it.

If you gain pleasure for the experience, you will be motivated to learn even more.

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ladyviral said...

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