Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Six Ghosts of Fear

There are six basic fears, according to Napoleon Hill:
  1. Fear of poverty.
  2. Fear of criticism.
  3. Fear of ill health.
  4. Fear of loss of love.
  5. Fear of old age.
  6. Fear of death.
1. Fear of poverty
It is the worst of fears and it has several symptoms:
  • indifference
  • worry
  • indecision
  • overcaution
  • procrastination
Fear of poverty is not limited to 'poor' people - it can be a very real 'ghost' even for people who have a great deal of money.

2. Fear of criticism
It brings:
  • self-consciousness
  • lack of initiative
  • lack of ambition
  • an inferiority complex
Most fears are beliefs about reality, not reality itself. Healthy fear protects us from harm. Unhealthy fear is based on false evidence.

3. Fear of ill health
It causes:
  • hypochondris
  • lack of exercise
  • susceptibility
  • self-coddling
  • intemprance
Keeping your body active is a surefire way to keep your mind alert.

4. Fear of loss of love
It is one of the most tragic fears. It brings:
  • jealousy
  • faultfinding
  • possessiveness
  • clinging
  • gambling
Fearing loss of love comes from the belief that you can 'lose' love. Actually, once you have felt love, at any time, you get to keep that experience forever. You add the experience of one love to another, opening more doors to new love. You will know if you are free from this fear when you can love yourself at all times. Until then, you need outside verification.

5. Fear of Old Age
It involves:
  • denial of age
  • apologies for one's age
  • thinking of oneself as slipping or declining in some way
This fear kills off:
  • initiative
  • imagination
  • self-reliance

6. Fear of Death
It causes :
  • preoccupaton with the idea of death
  • fostering lack of purpose and concentration on what you cannot control

A. Nancy; Work with Passion

What do you fear most?


smallkucing said...

fear of failure and even fear of living

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Poverty, lonliness and living alone.
Melbourne Daily Photo


Fear of poverty at this moment -His book Think & grow rich is very thick indeed!!

Gattina said...

I don't fear criticism or old age. The only thing which I would fear is being very sick.

wenn said...

I fear ill health too. Better to stay healthy as we grown older.

mNhL said...

I fear of illness too !

WhiteStar said...


Self Sagacity said...

Yep, I am definite in fear of all those, though not all at the same intense.

Martha said...

Fear of ill health for my loved ones.
I also realize that this is really fear of the loss of control.

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