Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Types of relationships

There are three types of relationships in any working environment:
  1. partnership
  2. team
  3. solo
The personality of the partner type displays these characteristics:
  • The partner loves and needs give-and-take feedback in conversation and decision-making process.
  • Forms intimate, long-lasting friendships with a select few. Is equally balanced between liking to be alone and with one other.
  • Finds that creativity increases in the confines of a trusted relationship.
  • Is self-reliant.
  • Is an excellent listener. Enjoys hearing the partner's ideas and concepts.
  • Likes pooling resources: money, ideas, property, knowledge; feels more powerful with shared riches.
  • Sees relationships as shared independence between equals. Is uncomfortable with authoritarian relationships.
  • Thrives on encouragement from the partner.
  • Likes to share risk-taking with the partner.

Would you be happiest in a partnership?

A. Nancy; Work with Passion


smallkucing said...


wenn said...

I would prefer team work.

WhiteStar said...

depends lo, see who's that person lo.. hehe

Ayie said...

having a partner in life is something I am happy to have because I love taking care of someone dear

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