Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love Notes

We always advocate sending love notes. It both surprises and thrills the recipient. It is an excellent way for us to send love to another.

Love notes allow our love to flow even when we are not present.

Send them any and every time you can.

Some love notes can be vitally important. These are the ones sent to people who are deprived of love--teachers who served us well, those who are incarcerated or away with the armed forces or, even more dramatically today, older parents or grandparents, left alone trying to care for themselves in the twilight of their years.

We always ask people to write a love note to their parents, if they are fortunate enough to still have their parents with them.We just need to write from our hearts to theirs. They will know what we mean.

It does not take long to write the notes. What we are asking for is perhaps two or three minutes out of a twenty-four-hour day. It takes so little for us to give this note of love, yet it will be so appreciated.

J. Canfield & M.V. Hansen: Dare to Win

Have you written any love notes recently?

1 comment:

wenn said...

I wrote lots of love notes those days.

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