Saturday, August 14, 2010

Success is not forever and failure isn't fatal

Don Shula had a twenty-four hour rule. He allowed himself, his coaches, and his players a maximum of twenty-four hours after a football game to celebrate a victory or bemoan a defeat.

During that time, they were encouraged to experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat as deeply as possible. Once the twenty-four hour deadline had passed, they put it behind them and focused their energies on preparing for the next opponent.

Ken Blanchard: The heart of a leader

Do you celebrate your success?


ChrisAu said...


Evelyn said...

Hi Wenn
This is good - 24 hours then get on with life.

Ann said...

when I was young, when every one of us passed a public exam, an old uncle gave us a parker pen.

Then when my cousins top their class, my mum gave them a hong bao. Unexpectedly when I was in form 4, I top the class, those cousins who had been getting hongbaos from my mum, their dad couldn't believe that I would top the class. he checked and double check my report book, before he gave me a hong bao. That was a good feeling.

Pity my parents left for Australia, the house was rented, and all our books and paper work were eaten by termites. Otherwise I post a photo LOL.

wenn said...

I love to celebrate any happy occasion.

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