Monday, August 16, 2010

Never! Never! Never! Never! Give Up!

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

In his later years, Winston Churchill gave a speech at the English prep school he attended as a boy. The headmaster told the boys, "This is an historic moment. Winston Churchill is the greatest speaker of the English Language."

When Churchill walked out to give his speech, he peered over the top of his glasses and said: "Never! Never! Never! Never! Give Up!"

The headmaster felt this might have been one of Churchill's greatest speeches. If one quality epitomized Winston Churchill, it was persistence. He never gave up.

Ken Blanchard: The heart of a leader

Do you give up easily?


smallkucing said...

I dont have leadership quality :(

wenn said...

It doesn't just apply to leaders. It exists even in our normal lives. Never ever give up.

Alice Law said...

It depends, normally I won't easily give up unless I was consistently demotivated by my love one, specially my husband!:p

My kids,(specially Juan Juan)practise Japanese's favourite quote... "never give up", which always impressed me and made me proud of them!^-^

wenn said...

True, it all depends but if it really matters, we shouldn't give up. Fight for our rights!


Just read the header enough to make one feel motivated!

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