Monday, August 9, 2010

A Team Environment

The team type personality exhibits these attributes:
  1. Loves competition and rivalry as a motivator.
  2. Forms many friendships easily. Is gregarious and outgoing.
  3. Responds to a good leader. Comfortable with authority figures who are competent.
  4. Finds that creativity increases with abundant praise from teammates and leaders.
  5. Sees relationships as cooperative units within a larger structure.
  6. Is conscientious, loyal.
  7. Is sociable, likes to belong to clubs, groups, organizations.
  8. Likes to be alone about twenty percent of the time. Most of the time, likes companionship.
  9. Likes to share risks with team and leader.
The team player thrives in
  • cooperative
  • competitive
  • stimulating environments
A. Nancy; Work with Passion

Are you a team player?


WhiteStar said...

I love working together as a team! =D

wenn said...

team work ensures success through combined efforts.

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