Friday, August 20, 2010

Loving Technique #1: Hugging

We advocate hugging. A hug is a perfect way of immediately giving and receiving love from another human being.

The problem with hugging, is that in our culture physical contact between people who barely know each other is considered taboo, particularly when it's between men. Even though a hug is a nonsexual statement, it's still considered off-limits by some people.

Hugging is something that we can all respond to, once we get past the taboo.

Mothers are great huggers. They can hug and love their children until it makes the kids feel absolutely wonderful.

Research has shown that hugging has positive effects on children's language development and IQ. It causes measurable changes in the hugger and huggee and has healing and therapeutic benefits.

Ask permission before you give a hug. Ninety-nine percent of people will say yes if you ask?

J. Canfield & M.V. Hansen: Dare to Win

Would you like a hug?

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smallkucing said...

err....not really unless it's someone close to me...uncomfortable is aquintance suddenly hug

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